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Registry Information:  View this mother’s baby registry on Amazon here!

A Little About this Mother:  Birds were chirping as we sipped on our Chi Latte’s. The bright sun was just beaming as Heather unveiled her story. Not one of surprises or one of flukes but a story full of miracles! Many years ago this woman courageously made the decision to place her birth daughter for adoption. Leaving the maternity ward without her baby was the toughest decision she has ever made. May 17th is her birth daughter’s birthday and because Heather was so selfless in giving her life she was able to attend Kirstyn’s wedding last year. But Heather was suffering, not from the loss of her daughter but of cancer. Heather was diagnosed with Leukemia and it was necessary for her to begin chemo right away, in fact, on Christmas day. For months she was in the hospital struggling to stay positive and find support with the staff. They told her she would be unable to have any more children. As cancer survivor, Heather now had a new outlook on life. She didn’t have many friends so she started playing “Words with Friends” for fun. Heather took a liking to one of the players. His brother had died of Leukemia at a young age. They also were both avid birders- but he lived in London! Long story short, they are engaged and Heather is expecting a baby girl at age 46! The baby the doctors said she would never have. Heather lost everything due to the cancer. She and her fiance are currently living with her father. By being frugal they already have many of the baby things they need so her registry reflects needs for the baby as well as needs for the amazing woman, Heather.



If you’re in this area and would like to sponsor a shower, or if you have any questions about how you can get involved, please get in touch with:

  • Chapter Leaders:  Michele & Angie
  • Email Address:  Available upon request
  • Address:  280 N Grant Avenue, Columbus, OH 43215




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Heather and Bab Girl! (2).png