Sponsor a Mother


Sponsor a Mother

As a sponsor, you will have the unique opportunity and privilege of getting to know the women we serve.  You can sponsor someone as an individual or with a group of people.

You will act as a loving companion for a mother in a crisis pregnancy, taking time to get to know her and to develop a friendship.

You’ll have an opportunity to take the mother out to set up her gift registry.  If she will be parenting, this is an excellent opportunity to provide gentle guidance about needs vs. wants, baby care tips, motherly wisdom, etc.

You’ll also help gather support for the shower, inviting your friends, neighbors, and loved ones to attend in person or to get involved.

Check with your local chapter leader to see if you’ll need to provide any supplies or treats for the shower as well.  Many times treats and décor are donated, but you may be asked to provide something if needed (ie: lemonade, utensils, cups, etc.).

Additionally, you can find creative ways to support & encourage the mother during her pregnancy.  Perhaps she needs transportation to her doctor’s appointments or someone to be with her during an ultrasound.  Perhaps she needs assistance arranging childcare for older children when she gives birth.

Many mothers love when they receive a visit from a sponsor in the hospital or shortly after the birth of their baby.  You can also organize a meal train to provide warm meals for her post-partum.

For more information or to request to become a sponsor, please contact us and we will get you in touch with your local MGS chapter leader.  Your chapter leader will have you sign a form and will put you in contact with a mother.

Thanks for your interest in serving these women in their time of need!

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