Our Story


Our Story

After being trained as a hotline volunteer for a local crisis pregnancy center, Kaitlyn Mason found herself in an interesting situation.  She received a phone call from her mother, who informed her that her out of town sister was unexpectedly pregnant in a crisis situation and considering an abortion.

Kaitlyn found herself on the phone counseling her own sister through a crisis pregnancy.  God certainly equips the called.

Her sister ultimately chose life for her son!  However, due to family strain and long distance, throwing her a baby shower was not possible.  Meanwhile, Kaitlyn gave birth to her first child and received the gift of several baby showers.

She called several pro-life organizations looking for assistance in hosting this very special baby shower for her sister.  No one was able to help.

Around this time, Kaitlyn learned about Mary Gardens.  These are beautiful devotional gardens that Christians have been planting for centuries to celebrate and honor Mary and her fiat – her “yes” to God – accepting His will to be the mother of Jesus Christ.

A new ministry celebrating life was forming in her heart.  Mary Garden Showers would host baby showers for women in crisis pregnancies all over, regardless of the crisis situation.

After a move to Charlotte, NC, it was clear that St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church would be a beautiful place to grow this ministry.  She quickly connected with Serena Boykin, who has a huge passion and heart for serving mothers.

Together, Kaitlyn and Serena launched Mary Garden Showers with abundant support from their parish family in February of 2015.

Since then, God has blessed this apostolate abundantly, and many have joined this mission of service.  As a result, many women in challenging circumstances have received mercy, love, support, affirmation, kindness, friendship, and care through our Mary Garden Showers chapters.

This is our story.  But you are also part of our story every time you say a prayer for a mother we serve, every time you offer up a prayer for our efforts, and every time you help us celebrate with a mother.  Thank you.

We can’t wait to see what God has in store next!  Stay tuned!