Our Mission


Our Mission

Mary Garden Showers seeks to empower & encourage women in crisis pregnancies.

We believe that providing mercy & love through a shower assists the mother in celebrating the joy of motherhood & the new life God has given her to love.

Our goal is for Mothers to connect with the soul of this ministry – an outpouring & showering of Christ’s mercy & love.   We also want to encourage women to follow the wonderful example of Mary, who chose to love & give life to Jesus.

We walk alongside each mother and help her select items for her personal gift registry, providing baby care info & tips when she has chosen to parent, and other support related to each woman’s personal situation.

Then we shower one mother at a time, providing the individual attention she needs & deserves.

People who wish to offer support can attend a shower, send gifts to addresses provided, or gifts will ship to the hosting church when people shop our registries online.  Additionally, gifts of prayer can be given here.

For Mothers in unique pregnancy situations, we will have blessing showers to comfort & encourage them in their time of need.  These mothers may choose to have a shower before or after the arrival of their baby.

Showers come with no strings attached & are facilitated with no judgement & no pressure – just love.

Our sponsor groups have the unique opportunity & privilege of growing in friendship with these strong & courageous women.  Our chapters have the unique privilege of hosting showers.

Each Mother we shower receives a painting of Mary and Jesus, along with a framed copy of “The Most Important Person on Earth” reflection as a reminder of the incredible dignity & worth of this vocation.  Thanks to the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy, we are also able to distribute a beautiful canvas Divine Mercy image & other mercy materials to each Mother.

We believe if you love the Mother, she will have the love she needs to love her baby.


Here’s How It Works

You’re welcome to support our upcoming Mary Garden Showers in any way you’d like!  Not in your area yet?  No problem!  You can attend these showers in person or in spirit.  Or consider creating a chapter at your parish!

If you’re nearby, you’re invited to come eat cake & attend the shower!  Any gifts are welcome but never required.  We always need help eating cake – bring family & friends!  The more the merrier.  Your presence is truly the best present!

You can also send a gift or note to the Mother at the parish address provided on each chapter’s page.  Or give a gift of prayer via our prayer campaign here!

Gifts purchased through our open online registries will ship directly to the hosting Church & will be provided to the Mother at the shower.

Thanks for your support!